Every year, students from Saigon Hospitality and Thang Long English and Vocational Training school have a field trip doing community service  to the Orphanage, Center For Disabled Children and nursing homes. Such extracurricular activities with a great sense of purpose are always well received and  draw a high amount of interest among students.

On 16th August, 54 students from the school participated in the trip to Ho Chi Minh City Vocational Training Center for People with Disabilities and Orphans. They painted the roof awning beams, helped with weeding and planted cassava in the garden. Most of the students found the trip exhausting, yet fun and rewarding because they knew they were doing something meaningful for the people at the centre and their efforts helped to contribute to the community. When being asked about his thoughts about the trip, one student said “The trip did not only give me more perspective about the tough life of underprivileged people, but also made me be grateful every day for what I have.”

(The students are painting the roof awning beams. )

(Everyone was happy with a meaningful day filled with lots of laughter and productivity. )

 In the previous years, students had opportunities to go on field trips to Củ Chi and Phan Thiết. It is a great opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone, gain a better understanding of life and the struggles of the children at the orphanage, disabled children and the elderly. In addition, the trip also helped them to gain empathy towards their less privileged peers and helped to motivate them to live more responsibly.

The trip ended with a lot of good memories. The students went home with a total openness of mind and heart. Everyone was happy with the new experience and the new lesson on life value from the trip. Saigonchildren hopes they will continue to make contribution to the community because life is not only about receiving, but it is also about giving.