Who runs and manages Thang Long School?

Thang Long English and Vocational Training School (Thang Long School for short) is managed and administrated by the Educational Department of District 4 and the People’s Committee of District 4. It is run by 16 members of staff. The leader of Thang Long is a Headmistress.

What source of funding does the school spend on its operation?

Thang Long School has been funded monthly by Saigonchildren (known as Saigon Children Charity CIO) - a British charitable organisation based in Ho Chi Minh City. This financial aid is timeless as long as the school runs.

Does Thang Long give English and Vocational training free of charge to the disadvantaged children?


How many classes are there at the school? Do the school managers plan to enlarge its vocational programme?

The whole school includes 15 English classes and 14 vocational ones on an area of 273 m2. Its role now is to provide training for more than 400 students. Currently, we’re just focusing on the quality of training and maintaining the interests of students and their attendances.

Do children learning at Thang Long School have the same interests as children learning at other state schools?

We provide English and Vocational training for a lot of disadvantaged children without school fee. In addition, they are given original English textbooks, workbooks and other extra materials without payment. Good students are encouraged with valuable awards when the school year finishes.

Who are the beneficiaries of Thang Long School?

Only children from poor families are accepted to study at the school. Our social workers will visit their homes in order to verify their family circumstances. We assess the poverty levels of the child’s family based on an assessment sheet in which each question raised is given marks. To sum up, children who get low marks are chosen to enter the school but their application forms must be certified by the local government.

Are students of Thang Long School learning at other schools?

Yes. Three-fifths of them are studying at Vietnamese day-time schools, two-fifths at evening classes in which they are taught high school subjects such as maths, Vietnamese literature, history, geography, ethics, etc.

Besides English and vocational training, does the school take part in any social activities?

Annually, we organise many voluntary trips for students to learn how to share with other people. Moreover, we take part in other big fundraising events such as Fun Run - organised by foreign sponsors and Cyclo Challenge – run by Saigonchildren.

Who are qualified to teach at the school?

Vietnamese people who graduated from university and have at least two years of experience in teaching can become teachers at Thang Long School.

Who has volunteered and have been doing voluntary work at the Thang Long School?

Since the school was founded, we were honoured to have a lot of help from many volunteers. Most of them come from Holland, America, The U.K., Germany, etc.

How can I contribute or send my donation to Thang Long?

You can contact Saigonchildren for detail. We highly recommend you to visit our school to get a better understanding about our activities before making your decision