Founded in 1994, Thang Long School for English and Vocational Training, fully funded by Saigon Children’s Charity CIO, has been operating continuously and has since expanded significantly in scope. Working in partnership with the Education and Training Bureau of District 4, the school provides free of charge English, Soft skills, and Computer skills to disadvantaged children and young people from the most disadvantaged families in District 4, which prepare them for reasonable, well-paid and stable employment in growth sectors of the economy in the long run.In addition to offering the above courses, we encourage the development of students’ creativity through classes in Art and Photography, and other recreational activities. This combination is designed to build confidence and options for the students as well as to give them the opportunity to enjoy a part of their childhood in a safe environment in the same way other children do.

Our students are disadvantaged children and young people from 6 to 23 years who live in District 4 and in the vicinity areas. They are drawn from the poorest families in District 4 and are selected on a number of criteria – not just financial. We choose students with great care and visit them in their houses to ensure that we help only those most genuinely in need. Criteria include children from poor families or near-poor families (using the national standard); children whose care-giver provides seasonal and manual labour and whose income is therefore unstable; children from poor families that have older people, people with chronic sickness or with a disability; and children from poor families where the number of those in work is less than number of dependants.

With the continuously improved quality of teaching, Thang Long School has gradually drawn more and more disadvantaged children and young people to its courses.