Amazing weekend activity filled with learning and having fun

“I’ve been eagerly waiting for the trip, as I’m excited to explore new things, enjoy beautiful scenes, and relieve my stress while making new friends.”

Last October, 168 students from English classes and vocational training at Thăng Long School took a break from the city and headed to a green, spacious environment in Đồng Nai. They were thrilled to expend their energy on outdoor activities during their annual life skills training.

In the morning, all the students were teamed up to solve riddles and overcome challenges to obtain clues for the big game and the play performances in the afternoon.

The carefully crafted plots and acts captivated the attention of all the attendees, leading to waves of laughter in unison. Not only that, there were moments when they gradually discovered the lessons embedded in their plays, which were also the main theme of the trip: “Self-compassion”. They learnt how to maintain positive relationships, understand their inner selves, and uncover their innate abilities.

“A busy life sometimes distracts people from their own needs and self-love. Today’s discussion was very meaningful and helped me become more aware of the importance of self-care,” shared Thiên Kim at the end of the trip.