Disadvantaged children and young people have been actually facing to many life challenges than others. All of them have very challenging family backgrounds, suffer lots of pains and losses. They rarely have the opportunity to participate in social activities, which enable them to make new friends, to expose to new things and grow as individuals.

Understanding those basic requirements of life, we organise a number of activities for students based on their needs to enhance their inter-social communication, to build their individual confidence, and to strengthen their hands-on experience of life.

We aim to provide a variety of ways in which children can engage with the world beyond the academic. We offer classes such as art and dance for the children to explore their creative sides and do something that otherwise they have no opportunity to do.

In addition, every year we organise many fieldtrips to give the students a chance to discover the world around them, make new friends, exchange cultures and take a rest from their entire burden of life. Furthermore, thanks to such these trips they can see and understand that there are many other people who have to struggle a lot more in life than they do. Therefore, they need to put more effort and make use of the advantages they have in order to learn, to work and to live usefully.