The English classes at Thang Long School were organised at the very beginning of the establishment of the school in 1994. Most of the students come to Thang Long School are still at school age. They want to be able to communicate in English which they cannot get at their mainstream school. Every year, about 400 students receive support with English communication skills. Various courses are organised based on up to date curricula such as “More” and “New Inside Out” to meet with the suitable levels of the students, which are defined through entry placement testing. The levels include Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. After finishing the highest level, students are encouraged to take part in the TOEIC test.

In addition to teaching communicative English, we also provide classes for students of grades 6 to 9 who are not good at English at mainstream school and have very difficult circumstances in District 4.

One of the useful activities for English classes at Thang Long School is the English-speaking sessions where foreign volunteers help students to practise speaking and listening skills. These sessions make a considerable improvement in the communication skills of students.

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Understanding the importance of computer skills and the disadvantage of children with financial difficulties, lack of opportunity for access to computer at home, or participation in computer courses; therefore, Thang Long School has launched the first courses on computer since 2001. These courses have drawn major attraction from young people who cannot afford to take a paid class, and have less experience of informatics. It removes students from the fear of technology, and equips them with basic computer skills for office-based environment at the same time as their confidence in themselves.

In order to improve computer skills of students, as well as prepare them for winning a place in the labour market, Thang Long School has converted the basic training programme for national certificate into a new one based on the curriculum of MOS (short for Microsoft Office Specialist). After 3- to 9-month course, the students will take an exam to achieve MOS certificate in Excel and Word. The aim of this new change is well-equipped students with up-to-date skills for working environment.

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Disadvantaged children and young people have been actually facing to many life challenges than others. All of them have very challenging family backgrounds, suffer lots of pains and losses. They rarely have the opportunity to participate in social activities, which enable them to make new friends, to expose to new things and grow as individuals.

Understanding those basic requirements of life, we organise a number of activities for students based on their needs to enhance their inter-social communication, to build their individual confidence, and to strengthen their hands-on experience of life.

We aim to provide a variety of ways in which children can engage with the world beyond the academic. We offer classes such as art and dance for the children to explore their creative sides and do something that otherwise they have no opportunity to do.

In addition, every year we organise many fieldtrips to give the students a chance to discover the world around them, make new friends, exchange cultures and take a rest from their entire burden of life. Furthermore, thanks to such these trips they can see and understand that there are many other people who have to struggle a lot more in life than they do. Therefore, they need to put more effort and make use of the advantages they have in order to learn, to work and to live usefully.

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