Every year, our students of Thang Long school will join an “English Fun Day” where they play games and compete in teams to win prizes, all in English. This year, to underline what is going on in the world, the topic is health.

Through the four games, the students got to learn about the common illnesses, what food is good for their health, and work in teams to create their own dances to promote healthy habits.

Many of these students look so confident and are so well-spoken that you wouldn’t think they come from a disadvantaged background. In fact, they are all from low-income families around Ho Chi Minh city. But with years of learning English at Thang Long school and many opportunities to interact with native speaker volunteers, and of course a lot of their own effort, many of them now can communicate confidently in English with very good pronunciation.

At the end of the event, each student received a neck pillow and a reusable straw cup, sponsored by our partner Lock&Lock.