“I have had so much fun joining the English Fun Day, organized by Saigon Children’s Charity CIO and Thang Long Vocational and Language School!

Thang Long School was the place where I had been given opportunities to learn free English lessons. Without their help, it would be tough for me in order to climb a higher career ladder in TEFL, and I felt that it was worthwhile to return and contribute my knowledge to the school. Furthermore, meeting younger generations, regardless of underprivileged background, to maintain their language learning process was simply blissful to see!”

Minh used to be a student at the free English classes offered by our Thang Long school. Now that he’s following a career as an English teacher, he’s giving back to the school by taking an active role in the school’s annual “English Fun Day”. With the theme “Dream Big”, this year’s English Fun Day was an English-only day for Thang Long school students to talk about their dreams through games and team presentations.

Like Minh, many other alumni joined this day to lead the activities and show the younger generations how far they can go with good English skills. “I saw myself in them, and I hope that I can contribute more to this sublime community so that more children can enhance their life quality through using English,” Minh wrote.