Nhi’s first big stage

Little Nhi attends Thang Long School’s music class every week, but never dreamed that she would one day perform on a stage with famous singer Phuong Vy, in front of many important guests.

Last week, at saigonchildren’s 13th Saigon Summer Ball, there was a special performance. Singer Phuong Vy appeared on stage with ten children from Thang long School, singing “You Raise Me Up”.

With just over a month to practise, the kids, who are all from impoverished backgrounds, worked really hard for this performance. Every week they came to the class because music is their passion, they now had a specific goal too. Most of the kids are also students in Thang Long School’s free English class and art class, so to have them at the most important event, and performing alongside a famous artist, is a proud moment for them.

The performance was a highlight of the event. Nhi said she will never forget the experience of stepping out on stage with a star and performing for a big crowd.

Huge thanks to Phuong Vy and the music teachers at Thang Long School, for empowering Nhi and the other children with an experience to remember, and helping them to build their confidence, passion and ambition!