This summer, 200 young students from English classes at Thang Long School had the opportunity to participate in a life skills workshop on sex education – a topic that students of different developmental stages need to learn about appropriately.

Throughout the lively discussions, they learned how to recognise changes in their physiological and psychological development during adolescence, protect themselves from risks or react to situations of abuse, as well as enhance awareness and responsibility in matters of love and safe sex.

In addition, they also gained a more comprehensive understanding of gender, through concepts such as biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, thereby cultivating an attitude of respecting individual rights and personal identity.

After the session, apart from the praises for the interactive activities that facilitated easy learning, many students expressed their desire to acquire even more knowledge and a deeper understanding of this topic. Tường Vy shared, “I hope to learn more because this topic is very useful, helping me understand myself better and seek support when needed.”

In addition to academic knowledge, the regular life skills workshops organised by Thang Long School are extremely helpful because not only they provide an opportunity for students to not only enhance skills for their own lives but also equip them with important skills such as communication, problem solving, etc., to increase their future career prospects.