Last Sunday was undoubtedly a bustling and exciting day for students from the English class at Thăng Long English and Vocational Training School, as they attended the school’s annual English Fun Day at the venue of the Children’s House of HCMC. This event also welcomed the Hanwha Life Vietnam team, who accompanied and supported our enthusiastic young participants throughout the morning.

During the event, students were divided into 5 teams to compete in several challenging games. For the first challenge, every member of each team went inside a bag, crawled through obstacles, and retrieved a flashcard at the finish line. They then needed to decipher the words on that card in English, based on the event’s theme.

The second task required skill and judgement, as each individual was blindfolded and had to locate and select an image, placing it on the team’s whiteboard and translating its meaning into English. The following team exercise involved a word-of-mouth relay, where the entire team participated simultaneously. With music in the background, the first person in line transmitted a quote about children’s rights – which their team had randomly chosen beforehand – to the next person. This action continued until the last person wrote down what they had heard on the board.

Finally, the most surprising segment was the role-playing performance. The game’s short duration of under an hour didn’t stop everyone from executing their tasks to the best of their ability under the leadership of the team captain. They developed plots, wrote scripts, assigned roles and lines, and confidently performed on stage in English to persuasively solve the provided case study.

After each challenge, the teams received a letter with colours corresponding to the station’s colour. Inside, there was a riddle to solve, revealing an inspiring slogan about child protection and child rights, quoted by celebrities. At the conclusion of the role-playing part, the teams chanted their hidden slogans in unison, such as “Save the Children, Save the Future,” “Stop Child Labour; Let children play and study!” and “Education is our birthright!”, among others.

“The Hug” is the main theme of this year’s English Fun Day, aiming to create an open environment for students to engage in out-of-class activities, improve their vocabulary and communication skills in English, and most importantly, raise awareness about child rights and child protection.