“Everyone, it’s Friday” – The familiar message in Thang Long School teachers’ chat group have us so excited every weekend, it is not because of the usual TGIF as others would but mainly because of the upcoming weekly training by foreign teachers to us.

It is not easy being a teacher, every teaching method has its own drawbacks. Each class needs its own managing style and each student has a different way of learning and comprehending; therefore finding the right balance as a teacher within the classroom is very important. “Friday” has become one of the important key to our success in teaching path – the opportunity for us to gain valuable experience through interesting sharing and effective teaching method.

The most helpful things we gain are tips on how to work with children in different cases and situations. Trainers – who are experienced teachers abroad – give us both the inspiration and the methods to apply to our jobs directly. We, especially appreciate lessons related to children’s psychology and how to adjust our manner to fix it.

To achieve such great success, all volunteers who are professors, lecturers, and teachers from professional teaching environment have devoted in a long time. We definitely share the same passion to work with children. Even Though many problems arose, trainers were there, always listening to us and suggesting practical solutions or pieces of advice. The weekend has become exciting and helpful for training and sharing sessions. On behalf of Thang Long School Teachers, I would love to express our deepest thanks to Ms. Jessica (ILA), Ms. Claire (British Council), Ms. Lauren (British Council), Mr. Nick (British Council), Mr. Joe (RMIT) and other enthusiastic trainers who keep supporting us.


We appreciate every moment being a teacher and working with passion to bring a brighter future to children.