Tran Van Hau – Student of Child Development Scholarship Programme and Getting Ready For Work Programme

I studied at Thang Long School (*) from 2002 to 2010. During that period of time, I studied drawing, English, computer and participated in many activities organized by the School or Saigonchildren such as the Fun Run, cyclo race, etc.


My situation before receiving Saigonchildren’s support was very difficult. When I was in grade 6, my family encountered some difficulties such that I could not continue to go to school anymore. Afterwards, my mother and I were introduced to Thang Long School, with its free vocational training and English classes, by our neighbors. When I applied to study at Thang Long School, I was asked which subject would I like to study. I said that I would like to study drawing because that was my favorite subject. When I was in primary school, I was praised for being able to draw and sing nicely. In addition, I asked to study compuing Saturday afternoons. As well as my favorite classes, my friends and I studied English, a compulsory class at that time. During my time studying at Thang Long School, the teachers cared for and loved me like any other children. When the teachers knew I had to stop my education but still wanted to continue, they guided me to register for night classes at Chi Lang School.

In 2004, I started to study grade 6 again. In grade 10, I studied in the morning while working at night to help my family pay for my school fees. Along with that, I studied drawing every Saturday morning and compuingr in the afternoon at Thang Long School. During that time, I was introduced to Saigonchildren by teachers at the School so that I can obtain a scholarship. Thanks to the support of teachers from the School, as well as the scholarship granted by Saigonchildren, my family situation improved and I did not have to stress as much about my school fees anymore. After graduating from high school, I was accepted into the Art Pedagogy major of the University of Saigon and the Art Design of Theatrical Stage and Film Set major of Ho Chi Minh City University of Stage and Film. Given my passion for the arts, I decided to study at the University of Stage and Film., I studied while working as a waiter and helping as a stage designer. Currently, I work part – time designing stages or stage props for plays and dance groups. The programs that I work with occur in the summer or public holidays such as Tet. The rest of the time I spend at home helping my mother sell drinks and teaching my siblings. Although the wage is not very stable, I can take care of myself without having to ask for money from my parents anymore. In addition, I get to fulfill my passion for the stage and the arts.

I would like to thank teachers at Thang Long School, Saigonchildren and beneficiaries for having helped and encouraged me throughout my journey to become the person that I am today. I hope that the School and Saigonchildren will open more classes to help more disadvantaged children in continuing their education.
(*) Thang Long School is English and Vocational School operating under management of Saigon Children’s Charity CIO