Last May 31st,  Thang Long Vocational Training School held a closing ceremony for the 16th Hospitality course at Huong Sen Hotel with 22 students, 43 guests and the representatives from saigonchildren, sponsor Repsol Vietnam and partners from Redsun, Hoang Yen Group, Pizza 4P’s, Mc Donald and Huong Sen.


Ms.Nguyen Thi Duy Huong, Head of saigonchildren programmes, greatly appreciated Repsol’s sponsor as they provided opportunities to disadvantaged children to be able to attend the hospitality courses. The course has brought these disadvantaged children a promising start for their future career path. Repsol’s representative, Ms.Thuy Phuong congratulates all of the students who had completed the vocational training course with outstanding grades.

After 5 months of learning English, Bartender and other specialized subjects, students from Thang Long Vocational Training School were getting ready to apply for Hospitality jobs. Some of them already have a decent job at a nice restaurant or hotels. The representatives from Redsun, Hoang Yen Group, Pizza 4P’s, Mc Donald and Huong Sen also attended this ceremony.

Every ending opens a new beginning. These students are provided with important knowledge and skills so that they can have a better career path, they can improve themselves to open more doors, and can lift their families up. 

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