Voices of hope: Inspiring performance by music class’ students at UOB’s celebration

“The rainy month of July couldn’t stop me from attending my singing lessons,” Lâm said with a smile.

Last weekend, Lâm and 17 other children delivered an outstanding performance at UOB‘s 30th anniversary celebration in Vietnam, receiving support from many distinguished guests.

The joy multiplied when Lâm and his friends had the opportunity to once again sing alongside singer Phuong Vy (previously at the Saigon Summer Ball 2022) with their performance titled “Vietnam within me.”

Despite only having about a month of practice, the children put in great effort and wholeheartedly showcased their passion for music on stage. Chí Dũng shared, “I like this song because it makes me love my country even more.”

We hope that this special event will be a memorable experience for these young talents, and that the applause and recognition from the audience will further motivate them on their journey to pursue their dreams.